A Senior Collage is your opportunity to celebrate your senior! Choose your favorite photos and cut  and paste them to the posterboard provided or create a digital collage. Senior Collages are displayed prominently at GradNite and are then taken home by the graduates.

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What is a Senior Collage? As a part of Grad-Nite, we strive to hang a Photo Collage for each graduate.  Each year close to 80% of the graduating seniors have a collage hanging at GradNite.  It is up to you to make sure your senior is not left out of this special GradNite tradition. The kids enjoy looking back through the years. You can make an old fashion cut and paste collage or make a digital one using


What do I need to do if I am making my own collage?  If making your own collage, you are required to drop by one of the Collage Material Pick Up dates to receive the guidelines and reserve a frame for your senior, even if you decide to make a digital collage.


NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR 2022 - What do I need to do if I want the Collage Committee to make my collage? Don’t have the time or the artistic inclination? The Collage Committee will make your senior’s collage for you. This is what we need:

● 20-25 photos on a flash drive or emailed them to us.

● Photos are your choice (friends, relatives, team events, performances, senior photo, etc.)

● This service costs $40. Please make the check payable to PHS GradNite

● Flash Drive can be dropped off to any of the scheduled material nights before May 1st.                


When and where are Collage Material Pick Up and DROP OFF Nights? 

5/9   6pm-8pm PHS  Annex Bldg Parking lot (1287 Strongtown Rd, Southbury)

5/25 6pm-8pm PHS  Annex Bldg Parking lot (1287 Strongtown Rd, Southbury)

    You can drop off your finished collage at any of the times above

Name the Classmate Photo Needed


In addition to the Senior Collage, please submit a single photo*, no larger than wallet size  (3x5) *for the “Name the Classmate” display at GradNite.  A kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade photo is best. 


Please designate this photo as “contest photo” with the senior’s name on the back of the photo.


This may be a paper color copy as this photo will not be returned to you. 


Email to or mail photo to PHS GradNite, 247 Valley Stream Lane, Southbury, CT  06488 or drop off at any collage night.


*This photo is separate from the photo you may have submitted for the yearbook.  


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 Feel free to email  if you have any questions and/or if you are interested in joining the Collage Committee.



Liz Sheehan ( or Jennifer Rohwedder ( Collage Chairs

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